Message From Hon'ble CM Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar

Message From Hon'ble CM Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar Chief Minister Haryana

For last 3 three years, we at Haryana government have been working along with Central Government, to develop an Ecosystem for Social and Economic growth. Various landmark reforms have been initiated to support all the sectors with special focus on Startups, as these sectors have the potential to solve the social and economic issues through innovative ideas and generate a plethora of employment opportunities. Haryana provides “Entrepreneurs & Startups” access to a mature IT, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Services Industry. Entrepreneur and Startup Policy of Haryana has been prepared keeping in view the teething problems faced by the Entrepreneurs. Various initiatives such as formation of Incubation Cells, Fiscal Incentives, Seed Funding, Student Entrepreneurship and Policy relaxation, have been provided in the Startup Policy. I would like the young generation and budding Entrepreneurs to take advantage of the provisions made in the “Entrepreneur and Startup” policy and resolve issues in the field of healthcare, education, social infrastructure of the community. In line with the PM’s ‘Startup India Policy’, this policy aims to foster entrepreneurship and promote innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for growth of Start-ups. Further, I am sure “Entrepreneur and Startup” policy of Haryana would help promote FDI and put Harya na on the Global

Message from Sh. Devender Singh, IAS

Message from Sh. Devender Singh, IAS Additional Chief Secretary, Electronics and Information Technology Department, Haryana

Entrepreneur and Startup Policy 2017 Foreword by Principal Secretary, IT Identification of untapped demand and underdeveloped markets, has given opportunities to various Entrepreneurs in India to launch new Business Platforms. These Entrepreneurs and Startups were further supported by the wide spread IT Infrastructure and IT services, available in India, which helped them automate the process and reduce the inefficiencies in the system. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, OYO, Ola, Paperboat, BigBasket, Urbanladder are few names of successful “Startups” in India, which has not only led organic growth in India but also helped in development of support industries. With the Vision to give impetus to ‘Entrepreneurship’ and generate ‘Employment’, Haryana has formulated “Entrepreneur and Startup Policy”. Haryana state provides excellent Infrastructure, access to markets, educated workforce, as a basic ecosystem for Entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurship & Startup” policy has been prepared to capitalize from the opportunities available and create a win-win situation between State & Private sector. By the virtue of provisions made in the policy, Haryana government would help “Entrepreneurs and Startups” through strong ne twork of incubators and various fiscal incentives. Emphasis has been given on Infrastructure augmentation, Fiscal support, Seed funding, and Regulatory initiatives, to spur the entrepreneurial drive in Haryana. I firmly believe that by the launch of this policy, a robust ecosystem would evolve that would promote new investments, create new business avenues, develop new ancillary industries, reduce unemployment, and provide better livelihood to the people of Haryana,

Message From Sh. Vijayendra Kumar, IAS

Message From Sh. Vijayendra Kumar, IAS Managing Director, Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (HARTRON) & Special Secretary (E & IT)

Start-up India, stand- up India has been a dream mission of the Government of India, Haryana has been at the forefront of creating an ecosystem with similar mission which nurtures entrepreneurial spirit in local youth. In this context, the Government of Haryana has come out with its dedicated Start- up policy, which was drafted basis extensive stakeholder consultation, to make the policy pragmatic & implementable. This Start-up policy will empower youth to opt entrepreneurship as a career option rather than seeking a job. Having personally interacted with several young entrepreneurs and innovators, I realized that this is the need of the time to enable and foster a startup eco-system in Haryana. Through this policy, we are committed to provide an entrepreneurial environment, which will ensure that even the common people can contribute & participate in uplifting Haryana economically as well as socially. The young talent with their creativity and skills will take Haryana to a state of ‘job creators rather than job seekers’ I am glad that with this publication, it will encourage young entrepreneurs to build startups as well as create an innovation centric atmosphere in our happening state of Haryana