Hindu Boy Killed by His Wife’s Muslim Family


According to the investigation, the police believe the man, B Nagaraju, was murdered by kin of his Muslim spouse. Two of her brothers are amongst those charged, and the police have organized particular squads to apprehend the brothers. One of Hyderabad’s most horrible public killings was recorded on video Wednesday night as a Hindu Boy killed as bleeding beside a main highway with iron rods smashed into his face. At the same time, his spouse heroically fought off his assailants.

Hindu Boy Killed

Nagaraju was stabbed to demise in front of the Saroornagar Tehsildar workplace at round 9 pm on Wednesday by an unknown assailant on a bike. The offender ran away from the scene. Many folks on the road videotaped the prevalence on their telephones, and some even took photos of the deceased particular person’s corpse.

Hindu Boy Killed

After Nagaraju’s kin staged a demonstration, alleging that his spouse’s household was behind the homicide, tensions in the group erupted in the surrounding neighborhood. Nagaraju married Syed Ashrin Sultana, a 23-year-old lady, on January 31 of this year, a little over two months in the past.

Syed Sultanan’s brother Syed Mobin Ahmed and a man named Mohammed Masood Ahmed were apprehended by the Saroornagar Police Department for their alleged participation in the homicide. “They had been in love since they were in college together. They exchanged vows in the Arya Samaj mandir in the Old City earlier this year. “Because they were of different religious backgrounds, her family murdered the child,” according to one of Nagraj’s cousins.

Hindu Boy Killed by His Wife’s Muslim Family

The interfaith marriage was opposed by the households of both Nagaraju and Sultana, who were dissatisfied with the association. The pair, nonetheless, went in opposition to the needs of their households and were married two months in the past in the Arya Samaj mandir in the Old City.

On Wednesday evening, the pair boarded Nagaraju’s bike and started their journey in direction of Saroonagar. Just as they were about to arrive at the Mandal Revenue Office in Saroornagar, an unidentified individual stopped them and struck Nagaraju with an iron rod. He stabbed Nagaraju in broad daylight, inflicting him to maintain main accidents and die on the scene. Pallavi was also harm.

Several spectators were on the scene and caught the occasion on video. The video has gone viral on social media platforms due to its reputation.

Hindu Boy Killed Reason & Truth

The assailants escaped, however their actions were captured on safety cameras and cellular phone recordings taken by witnesses. The police have organized process forces to apprehend the assailants seen on video.

On January 31, Nagaraju and Sulthana were married in an Arya Samaj ceremony. They had recognized one other since they were in Class 10, however her household was adamant that she not marry somebody who did not share her non secular beliefs.

Sulthana said that she had tried to hold away from Nagaraju in the previous. “I told him that if I don’t marry you, I’m not going to marry anybody else,” I knowledgeable him that only you have life or demise in your hands. I’m going to die. “Before our marriage, I didn’t talk to him for two months, so I could simply die,” she confessed to reporters, tears streaming down her face.

After the marriage ceremony, Sulthana modified her identify to Pallavi, which she now prefers. According to reviews, her household reportedly intimidated Nagaraju and urged him to hold away from her.

A police report was made in opposition to the woman’s household as a result of she acquired life-threatening threats from them. My brother passed away as we speak as a result of police ineptitude. Sources reported that Nagaraju’s sister Ramadevi said of her brother, “He was the family’s main breadwinner.”

The brutal incident has stoked tensions in the Saroornagar neighborhood of Hyderabad, where it occurred. Protests have been begun by BJP activists in the space, calling for sturdy motion.

Hindu Boy Killed Politicians React

The Saroornagar police arrived on the scene and instantly started an inquiry. They say that Sultana’s demise resulted from an “honor killing,” although they assume that Sultana’s relations were accountable for her demise.

According to the leaders of the BJP in Telangana, the household of Sultana should be subjected to extreme punishment. Everyone engaged in the homicide’s preparation and execution, according to Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh, should be apprehended and introduced to justice.

“Did the family members decide, or did religious organizations guide the family?” Was there an group that promised them financial help? According to Raja Singh, “a full-fledged investigation into this murder should be conducted.”

BJP national Shehzad Poonawala said that this was a re-run of Ankit Saxena, a Hindu teenager who was slain in Delhi for having a connection with a Muslim woman in which a Muslim woman was killed.

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