LIC IPO Allotment Status, Check Online NSE, BSE, Zerodha, IPOWatch


For more than sixty-five years, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has been India’s main life insurance coverage supplier. LIC is also the nation’s oldest life insurance coverage firm. It is thus not stunning that it is thought-about one of the most generally awaited preliminary public choices in India. In its capability as the problem’s promoter, the Government of India is making available a staggering number of shares—22.14 crore—through the providing. Read the article to know about (*3*)Check Online NSE, BSE, Zerodha, IPOWatch.

LIC IPO Allotment Status

The preliminary public providing (IPO) of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), India’s largest insurance coverage enterprise, will start tomorrow, May 4, placing an finish to the anticipation that has been constructing up on Dalal Street. The choice to make investments in anchor corporations was made available for the first time on May 2, and owing to the excessive degree of curiosity, it was rapidly oversubscribed.

LIC IPO Allotment Status

Meanwhile, the most important problem of the LIC IPO is scheduled to open for investing tomorrow, and buyers of all stripes are anticipating the opportunity to take part in the providing. The enterprise has also set up a distinct quota for policyholders for the first time. It means that policyholders who meet the necessities will be entitled to get a low cost on LIC share purchases and a half of the reserved quota equal to ten p.c.

The preliminary public providing (IPO) of Life Insurance Corporation of India, typically identified as LIC IPO, is the insurance coverage large’s first promoting of shares. The whole deal is thought-about an supply for sale (OFS), under which the President of India will dispose of a 3.5% share in the agency by method of the Ministry of Finance. It is anticipated that the LIC preliminary public providing would convey in Rs. Twenty-one thousand crores at the higher finish of the pricing vary will be important for the government to accomplish its divestment targets. The pricing vary for every fairness share in the LIC IPO has been set at Rs 902 to 949.

How to apply for LIC IPO?

Retail buyers may submit their functions for the LIC IPO in various strategies. Two completely different classes may be chosen: one is reserved for LIC Policyholders, and the other is a general group that includes all buyers. Suppose you are a policyholder with LIC and select this category. You will need to provide the acceptable info, enter the bid worth, verify your selection, and then make the payment using the UPI app.

To apply under the policyholder category, you need to have a LIC Policy that commenced on or before February 13, 2022. It is one of the qualifying situations. If you want to apply under this category, your PAN Card must also be related with the insurance coverage for you to be thought-about. LIC policyholders are eligible for perks such as a discount on the problem worth and a reserved allotment of 10 p.c of the complete available funds.

If you are an investor and need to apply, you need to have two issues: a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card and a Demat account with us. In level of truth, for the Income Tax Department to monitor the comings and goings of every investor’s funds, the PAN Card has been made compulsory for all preliminary public choices (IPOs). A Demat Account is important as a result of your shares will be credited to this account if you are granted an allocation.

LIC IPO Apply Online

Opening a Demat account is easy and takes little or no time, so you may do it every time you please. You can submit your application for the LIC IPO using our online buying and selling platform. You may monitor the progress of your preliminary public providing application by going to the IPO and Order Book section of the HDFC Securities website. All you have to do is logged in. Last however not least, you may also submit your application for the LIC IPO at any of our nearby branches, should you need to do so.

LIC IPO Allotment

Your HDFC Demat account will get the assigned shares of your LIC preliminary public providing (IPO) as soon as they become available. On the day of the itemizing, you would have the means to promote them at the exchanges where they are traded. Because the preliminary public providing (IPO) has not but been initiated, some particulars, such as verifying the allocation standing of the LIC IPO, are not but accessible. To ensure that the allocation procedure is efficiently completed, it is usually carried out round one week following the closing date of the IPO in query.

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