What will Happen and Who will Support Whom?


During Moscow’s ongoing huge army operation in opposition to Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Wednesday of a 3rd world warfare’s “nuclear and devastating” penalties. Read the article to find out if there will be a World War III and who will assist whom.

World War III

According to state-owned TASS, Russia’s longtime high diplomat responded to the opportunity of a 3rd world warfare by saying that it will be devastating.

As US President Joe Biden stated, a 3rd World War could be a greater various to Washington’s powerful sanctions in opposition to Moscow. Asked if he was stunned that sanctions have been being imposed in opposition to athletes and journalists, Lavrov stated that Russia was prepared for any sanctions imposed in opposition to it.

He commented, referring to the ban and sanctions imposed by Western international locations, that athletes, intellectuals, actors, and journalists could be the targets of the sanctions. He claimed that “dictators” like Vladimir Putin should “pay the price” for invading one other nation throughout his inaugural State of the Union handle on Tuesday evening.

Russia has been banned from utilizing US airspace after being invaded by the United States. According to a Qatar-based information channel, Lavrov stated the particular operation in opposition to Ukraine was designed to stop Kyiv from shopping for nuclear arms.

According to the channel, Russia wouldn’t enable Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons. It quoted him as saying that the army operation in Ukraine is aimed toward disarming the nation.

Despite Ukraine’s obligations beneath the Budapest Memorandum, which stipulated that the nation hand over nuclear weapons in trade for safety ensures, President Vladimir Zelensky has not discounted the opportunity of Kyiv revising these obligations.

World warfare III: Who Will Support Whom?

My data about this matter is considerably restricted, however I will give it my finest shot. World War 3 wouldn’t be fought by each nation on Earth. Truthfully, most South American, African, and Oceanian international locations and variety of Asian international locations would not struggle one another. It was solely as a result of colonial powers dominated so many international locations that WW2 concerned many international locations.

World War III

I’m not precisely positive what the reason for a World War 3 is perhaps, however I’m going to imagine that every nation’s financial and army standing is as it’s now. If the battle begins in Asia (round Taiwan, the South China Sea, or South Korea) or within the Middle East (round Israel, Iraq, or Iran), it will probably be in Asia or the Middle East.

Team USA

  • The USA
  • The European Union. Due to their NATO obligations, they’re obligated to facet with the US in opposition to a democratically elected nation. There are 4 major sources of army energy:
  • France
  • The UK
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Israel – This nation, too, will certainly facet with the US as most of their enemies will be on the opposite facet of the battle. They obtain most of their weapons from the US, their strongest ally.
  • Canada- A democratic nation situated close to the US On par with Europe.
  • Taiwan – The warfare might begin on account of their invasion, so that they will undoubtedly facet with the international locations that acknowledge them.
  • Japan – We have had Japan as an ally since WWII and China as our enemy. Japan would facet with the US
  • South Korea – Located proper subsequent to China and adjoining to North Korea. Just like Taiwan, they’re going to assist the US when the preventing begins.
  • Saudi Arabia – It’s a democracy, however they will struggle Iran. Friends are enemies of enemies.

Team Russia/China

  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran – The USA and Israel take into account them enemies, and the Russians again them. This website will little question ally with them.
  • North Korea – This nation is allied with China and Russia, and they need to take over the southern half of the nation.

There is perhaps a number of I’ve missed, however I feel these are essentially the most distinguished gamers. Here are my ideas on what would occur in such a battle.

The Cold War or World War III?

Two issues will be assumed to make this state of affairs work.

  • The state of affairs doesn’t contain nuclear weapons.
  • Team Russia/China is the aggressor.

Iran may be very prone to try to assault Israel as properly. If this have been to occur, it will be catastrophic. With an successfully coordinated strike between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and US army forces, the Iranian army could be crippled and pressured to give up.

Already, the US warfare machine is churning. US Navy forces have steamed in the direction of Japan from the Pacific, deploying in full pressure. Large floor troops are crossing the Atlantic as a part of American reinforcements in Europe. The tides are turning as now floor troops are arriving.

The US navy dwarfs the Chinese in order that Chinese forces will be pushed again. Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea will be freed over time. The US might ship troops if China refuses to submit. Nevertheless, US and European forces in Eastern Europe will have pushed the Russian Army again to Moscow at the moment.

As of now, 4 outcomes are doable.

  • Russia and China will negotiate a truce that enables them to proceed their commerce, however with much less energy and affect than beforehand.
  • Team USA certainly invaded Russia and China, dismantling their governments and changing them with “democratic” ones. However, I can not assure that these governments will perform properly.
  • When backed right into a nook, Russia and China launch their nuclear weapons and can not win.
  • All of this appears unlikely. I simplified the reply to keep away from additional problems. It wouldn’t be as I predicted if World War 3 occurred. A small quantity of preventing can also be prone to deliver peace if warfare breaks out since no person needs to see a warfare between the key powers. The Middle East will doubtless see fewer proxy wars.

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